Kade Turns SIX!

Every year we tell Kade how lucky he is to have his birthday when he does; no school, everyone celebrates, etc. It's really the best, though it can be hard on his mother to remember to purchase/wrap presents so close after Christmas...

Kade wanted to have a friend party this year, so we invited a few buddies from his Primary class over for a Lego-themed party. We played pin the head on the Lego guy, had a Lego relay race, took turns building a Lego creation one block at a time, and guessed how many Lego candies were in a jar. After games we had pizza and juice for lunch, followed by cupcakes that I ordered from Harmons and added Lego candies to (my best idea of the day!). Kade really wanted a pinata, but the only one I could find that kind of fit the theme was a taco pinata... Taco Tuesday from the Lego Movie?? Get it?? All the kids got a couple of turns whacking the pinata before it burst open. 

The little friends gave some nice gifts (lots of Legos!). Kade had a blast, and I think it was just about the right amount of effort for a party on my part...


Birthday waffles!

We met up for lunch with Craig, Amber, Morgan, and my parents at Buca. Like I said, it is so nice to have a holiday birthday when no one has to work! Kade opened a few presents, blew out a giant candle, and got his very own pizza. 

Later that afternoon Kade got to open even more presents (more Legos)! Then we got a special treat when Uncle Mark and Aunt Kayla stopped to spend the night on their way home from Panguitch to Laramie. We got to meet the newest Boshell cousin, Cecilia.
Tess loved her!

For dinner Kade chose his favorite sweet and sour meatballs, con queso and chips, and pineapple. I made him a chocolate oreo cream cake topped with six candles! We rang in the new year at 8:30 with a funny countdown on Netflix and some confetti poppers out in the snow. 


Christmas 2014

We had a laid back, calm, happy, fun, beautiful, and all-around perfect Christmas this year, and I'm not just saying that! I really think that it could not have gone any better. It certainly helps that we have two kids that make everything about Christmas more exciting, and that we woke up to fluffy, magical snow to complete the package. 

We started our celebrations on Christmas Eve morning with our traditional (as in we have done this twice now...) breakfast at Kneaders and an early matinee. The kids wanted to see Penguins of Madagascar, so we did. It was pretty funny, but the best part of the movie is always the recliners.

We played host to my parents and Brian and Heather (who had just flown in to SLC) for Christmas Eve dinner. We ate tasty ham, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and all the fixings. Plus egg nog and sweet potato pie, just to make sure that we had enough sugar running through our veins. Kade and Tess opened up Christmas jammies and acted out the nativity before we sent the family home and the kids to bed so Santa could stop by.

Unfortunately, Chad and I woke up before the kids and didn't even sleep in! What the heck! Let's be honest... I was really excited and didn't sleep much... Some things never change. Santa brought us all some great gifts and we spent a couple of hours taking our time unwrapping things from the big guy, as well as grandparents and other family.
We were all very spoiled!

The freshly fallen snow was begging to be played in, so the kids headed out to try out new sleds from Grandpa Doug and Grandma Meesh while Chad and I made breakfast. After warming up with some hot chocolate, the rest of the day involved lots of candy, trying out new toys, playing games, laying around, and even a quick run in the snow for me. Just the way I like my Christmases!


The Buildup to Christmas

December last year was not the best... we had just moved in, were still trying to find a tenant for our house, and just felt stressed and overwhelmed. This year I was committed to enjoying the Christmas season, feeling the Spirit, and having lots of fun. I think I was successful. We did a lot of fun things in the weeks leading up to the big day to help us all get excited.

 The kids and I built and decorated gingerbread houses. We did this as a kid, but I hadn't ever made my own real-deal gingerbread, so I thought I'd give it a try. I am mean, though, and I made the kids decorate graham cracker houses because I didn't want them to mess up my big one that I had baked...Turns out they were really into the whole thing and actually did a great job! (I was smart this year and hot glued the houses together before decorating.)

All of the Boshell kids that live in Utah/Salt Lake/Davis Counties got together for treats, hot chocolate, and FHE. It was fun to visit, let the kids play, and see each other aside from the regular craziness of Christmas parties.
Chad surprised me with tickets to go to the Nutcracker! I have always wanted to see the real thing, so I was pretty excited. Grandparents watched the kids while we went to dinner and to Capitol Theater and enjoyed the ambiance of downtown SLC at Christmastime.

Sometimes I like to do "fun mom" stuff, like try to make our pumpkin pancakes into festive shapes... This kind of worked, but Kade's snowman was more like three blobs. The kids were happy, so who really cares, right?

Decorating sugar cookies is an ALL DAY process, but it is completely necessary, in my opinion. Santa needs these cookies to make it around the world, dang it! Only a couple of cookies were victim to piles of excess sprinkles.

We also enjoyed the annual Hancey Family Christmas Party. Kade got to be a wise man this year, and once again Tess refused to participate, until she got to be Santa and help hand out gifts. It's always fun to see how many kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids have come from these two awesome people.

By far my most favorite activity that we did this year (and did not take any pictures of) was our trip to This Is The Place State Park. I just love getting away from the hustle and bustle and enjoying the quiet, simple Christmases of the past. We also took a trip to Temple Square, which was fun and not even crowded! Success!


Visiting Santa

Our ward had a Polar Express Christmas breakfast yesterday. It was super cute and really fun. Lots of activities for the kids, a huge French toast breakfast with hash browns, bacon, and all the toppings, plus spiritual messages that were beautiful and uplifting. 

Santa stopped by to visit, but neither kid wanted anything to do with him.
We forced Kade to stand by him and this was the result:

Dooly Knob Hike

Have I mentioned how nice the weather has been lately? In the 50s most afternoons. We have been trying to take advantage of the sunshine, since we know the inversion will be here soon enough. We decided to go to Antelope Island on Saturday for a hike and choose the Dooley Knob trail. It was pretty steep to start out, but leveled out and ended at the top of the island where we could see the lake on both sides. 

Both kids did a pretty good job, but Tess still wants to be carried all the time.
She did run almost the whole way down, so she's getting tougher.
Plus, she only ate it once or twice, so I'd say it was a success.


Thanksgiving 2014

It was the Whatcott side year for Thanksgiving, so we got to spend the day with my family. Craig, Amber, Morgan, my parents, and my grandparents were all together, and we ate a bunch of my favorite foods. It was tasty, as always. 

Tess was so enthralled watching my dad deep fry the turkey that she fell down the patio stairs and scraped up her face. Other than that mishap, it was a successful day.

The weather was fairly warm, so we headed to the park after dinner to burn off a few sticks of butter. 


First Snow!

It has been a pretty mild fall so far, but we did get a little bit of snow mid-November. The kids were so excited to play, that we headed out first thing in the morning to enjoy the skiff that had fallen the night before. Thankfully - or not - we have 1:00 church, so this kept the kids distracted for most of the morning.
Afterwards we warmed up with hot chocolate.