Life Lately

Few words, many pictures.
 Went to a rock show with Grandma and Grandpa Whatcott.
 Cousin Morgan invited us to her 3rd birthday party! Bowling!!
Eating thin mints in the sunshine.
 Enjoying ice cream earned for being great during moving (pre-pukefest 2015).
 Trying to decide on blue paint.... Painful process.
 Tess was named Dancer of the Month and got this sweet trophy that is pretty much the best thing ever, in her opinion.
 Finally (after driving by for months and months) tried out the Waffle Wagon. 
O. M. G. Must go back soon.
 Kade reads! All the time! Chapter books! It is great.
Kade built this stage and drum set from random moving boxes lying around the house.
 This park is right down the street from us. The kids love it, 
especially the merry-go-round. I can't even watch them or I get dizzy! 
They would play on it all day long if I let them.
 I'm going to miss quiet mornings with Tess once school is out for the summer.
Tess had dance pictures recently. It was hilarious. No one wanted to smile, and no one would do the same pose at the same time. I can't wait to get them back.


Easter 2015

We moved over Easter weekend, but we did get to have a little fun here and there. Our old ward held an Easter egg hunt the previous week, 
and the kids (mostly Kade) found tons of eggs!

The Easter Bunny found the kids at the new place! He even found some good hiding spots for their baskets and left plenty of piles of bunny poop to find.

We got together with the Boshell clan on Easter Sunday at Melissa's house. I'm sure everyone was glad to see the sick kids there, but we had to get out! 
Their neighborhood had a little egg hunt that we butted in on, 
and the kids spent a lot of time wrestling on the tramp.
And of course we had to take some pictures in our Easter best!


The Stomach Flu From Hell

In the midst of all of our packing and moving into the new house, both Kade and Tess got the stomach flu. We had packed up their bunk beds and they were sleeping on the floor on mattresses when Kade puked the first time, mostly in the garbage, but also on his bed. We spent the rest of the day cleaning at the house, and he sat in this chair all day long. He didn't move at all! 

The next morning was moving day. Tess barfed first thing, so we got to do some more laundry. We were eating donuts for breakfast and she barfed again, but refused to NOT finish her donut. She played hard all day with cousins and seemed just fine. We had finally finished moving and cleaning stuff by around 7:00 that night and were all starving, so we decided to go to Burger Bar for dinner. We were sitting at the light preparing to turn in to the parking lot when she puked all over herself and the car! NOOOO!!! We quickly pulled into the CVS parking lot, stripped her down, cleaned her and the car up the best that we could, and got some burgers. She once again screamed about not eating, so we let her eat a burger (because we are really good parents). 

We finally got home, got the kids to bed, and had been asleep for about one hour when Tess barfed again! This time right into her bed, full on Burger Bar barf. I wondered if life could get any worse as I picked up burger chunks with my bare hands...

Both kids were fine for the rest of the weekend. Monday morning, I was planning to drop Kade off at school and then meet my mom at our old house to clean. On the way to school, Tess proceeded to barf in the car AGAIN. AGAIN!! I called Chad and my mom in tears, but we got it all cleaned up, then finished cleaning the house. 

Needless to say, our car was in a bad state. I spent the afternoon driving all over Layton in horrible traffic trying to find a place to shampoo the interior, but it was crazy expensive and I had to make an appointment ahead of time, so we ended up doing it ourselves. Hopefully we won't be smelling old vomit come summer time...


Our New (Old) House!

I am so far behind, it is not even funny. However, I think I will begin with what is likely to be the biggest news of the year (and the reason that I am behind): 
We bought a new house! 

After renting for just under 18 months, we were ready to get our own place. We have been looking for several months, but Davis County is crazy expensive, and we were worried that the only place we would be able to afford would be clear out in Syracuse or something. We walked through TONS of houses, but none of them seemed right. I stumbled upon a listing on KSL for a home for sale by owner in East Layton, an area that we knew we liked. We set up a walk-through, took a trip or two back, 
and decided to go for it.

The house was built in 1986 (twinners!), but there have only been two owners. It is pretty big, square footage-wise - once we finish the basement it will be over 3,000 square feet. There haven't been any updates done in the 30 years since the house was built, and the previous owners had inside dogs (yuck), so there is a lot of work to do, but we are planning to go through slowly and make the changes we want. Right now we are in the midst of painting the entire house, which is probably going to last for several months, to be honest. Once we finish that, we are going to replace the dark brown carpeting and peeling linoleum with some more modern choices. I can't wait! 
Until then, here are some pictures of the house before we moved in:

So far we have painted the lovely purple room blue for Kade and the red room is now light gray for Tess:
We seriously have the best family ever. We had tons of help moving, and it went really fast! Thank you thank you thank you! Moving is pretty much the worst, and I've decided that I'm never doing it again... for a few more years.


Life Lately

I found some free tickets for a Utah gymnastics meet, so we took the kids for pizza at The Pie and joined everybody else in the Salt Lake Valley for some fun. Tess especially loved it, even though we were in the nosebleed section. 

 It came to my attention that my kids had never had no-bake cookies. That is just wrong. So we spent an afternoon making "gorilla poops." 

Oh man. The warmer the weather gets, the more the grill gets fired up. I like to begin cooking summer food as soon as it gets over 40 degrees outside. One Sunday I decided to try making my own onion rings to go with our burgers. Pretty tasty, but time consuming. Worth it. 


I had heard about this cool park in Ogden, so we decided to check it out one Sunday afternoon. It has some cool climbing stuff and really tall slides. The kids had a blast, and we got to see what downtown Ogden looks like... beautiful, as you can imagine.

I get in a running funk every once in a while wherein I question my sanity and just don't want to do it anymore. I have been wanting to try out trail running for a while, and I figured this was the perfect time to get off of the asphalt. I headed up to the Bonneville Shoreline trail and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I've been back a time or two.
It is nice to get out of a rut every once in a while,
even if it is super hard to run uphill after running on pancake flat roads for over a year...

My parents were nice enough to take us out to lunch for my birthday, and since we were in the area we all had to make a trip to Ikea. This is the worst idea with kids. Halfway through, we decided to trap Tess and Morgan in a cart with Netflix,
which made shopping much easier.

This has been the best spring ever. Lately it has been in the 60s and even 70s, and we are taking full advantage. The kids wanted to fly kites the other day, so we broke them out. Tess really likes to ride her fourwheeler down the sidewalk
and decided to take safety very seriously this time.

 Tess and I (well, mostly I) have been waiting patiently for Cinderella to come out. We went on a girls date to see it over the weekend along with every other little girl in Davis County and her mom. It was so cute! I think Tess was a little bored, but I though it was great and she got to eat popcorn and Reese's Pieces, so all was good.


Lisa's Birthday

All I ever want for my birthday is some good food and time with my favorite people. And some shopping without my favorite people doesn't hurt either.
And that's just what I got this year. 

I started the day bright and early with some work so I wouldn't have to do any later, then went on a warm and sunny trail run while the kids were in school. Chad came home early from work and sent me off to Station Park for some solo shopping. Afterwards, we headed to dinner at Parkstone where we ate fried deviled eggs, southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes and all the fixin's. Pretty dang good. I ordered myself a German chocolate cake from Harmon's, which we ate with salted caramel gelato.
Perhaps my best birthday combination ever. 

Overall it was a good start to the final year of my 20s. I don't want to talk about it.


Chad's Birthday

Poor Chad. He's getting so old! And he always has to work on his birthday. And his wife is not very fun. And he's kind of hard to shop for. But I hope he had fun anyways!

For the big day Chad requested Burger Bar. I am always game for that. Despite it being a little cold, which required us to cram into the back of our car to eat, we enjoyed the best ever burgers and fries. And I am not even exaggerating about that. The place is legit.

Afterwards, we sang Happy Birthday and Chad blew out the (*cough* 33) candles on his annual cheesecake. We love you, Chad!