Mount Rushmore

 Thanks to Chad's brother, Mark, four of the six Boshell siblings took a road trip together to South Dakota over Labor Day weekend. It was A LOT of driving, but we had a lot of fun! It is a beautiful part of the country, and the kids had a blast hanging out with cousins.

We drove from Layton to Laramie Thursday night, then drove the rest of the way to Custer on Friday. We stopped at Wind Cave National Park for an awesome cave tour. There were like 100+ miles of cave within one square mile. Nuts! 


 On Saturday morning, our family, Melissa's family and Mark's family all drove towards Rapid City to check out Bear Country USA and Reptile Gardens. These were Kade's two favorite stops. At Bear Country, we drove around the park and saw a bunch of animals (mostly bears) wandering around. They would walk across the road or walk right up to the cars. 

At Reptile Gardens, we saw tons of different snakes, lizards, turtles and birds. Kade took a picture of every single snake with his phone and ran from one cage to the next. The flowers and grounds at this place were amazing. I was more impressed with the landscaping than anything!

Had to stop for a quick picture of Crazy Horse on the way, since we didn't want to pay to go in the park for a closer look.

After lunch, we headed to the big attraction: Mount Rushmore! We met back up with Bryan's family and walked around the Presidential Trial. We had to refuel with a giant ice cream cone and picked up some souvenirs. I have to say, I wondered if Mount Rushmore would be very cool, but it was really spectacular! We loved it and thought it was totally worth the drive.  


 After a night of swimming and having fun, we got up Sunday morning and checked out the Needles Loop. This drive wound through Custer State Park and into some stunning country. There were a bunch of narrow tunnels to squeeze through, and we even saw some buffalo. We stopped at Stockade Lake to rest and play on the playground, then ate lunch at Blue Bell Lodge. Tasty! After refueling, we drove all the way back to Laramie, then home to Layton on Monday morning. 

It was a whirlwind trip, but seriously fun. I think we could have used one more day just to see more of the area. I'm glad Mark had the idea to go, because we may never have done it on our own.

 Sylvan Lake
 Stockade Lake
 Kade chose a pocket knife from Mount Rushmore for his souvenir, 
so he spent a lot of time whittling.


Princess Tea Party

My mom is the best. She invited Tess and her cousin, Morgan, to go to a princess tea party at the Springville Art Museum. Tess was so excited about it that she asked me if it was time for her party every day for two weeks.

The girls got to dress up in their princess gowns and do a bunch of fun activities, like a fashion show, dance lessons, making their own crowns, and of course tea time. 
Tess didn't stop talking about it for days! 


Back to School!

Summer is officially over, and the kids are both back at school. I always have a hard time with the beginning of a new school year, which is strange because I loved going back as a kid. I think it mostly because summer is such a blast and I don't like giving up the flexible, laid back days of doing whatever we want.

Kade was not excited to start first grade. He was pretty nervous about being at a new school and going all day. It has been a rough several weeks of transition, and he still says he hates it, even though he tells me all about his different friends and the fun things they do at school. We're working on having a better attitude at our house ;)

Tess started back up right after Labor Day and couldn't have been more excited. She ran inside without even stopping to let me take her picture! She goes to Little Tiger Preschool. Pretty fitting, right? She loves Miss Suzanne and is making lots of little friends.


Life Lately

 Went to the Ogden Raptors game.

 Hiked to Waterfall Canyon
 Finally hung some stuff up on the walls in Tess' room.
 Went to baby Clara's blessing.
 Went to the drive in movie to see Minions.
 Rode ponies at the Davis County Fair
 Harvested (still harvesting) lots of tomatoes and zucchinis.
Went out for sno-cones.

 Hosted a back-to-school weenie cookout for Kade and his friends.
 Finally put up the slip 'n slide.
 Went to Park City, rode the Mountain Coaster and the Alpine Slide,
and lucked upon a car show.