Life Lately

I found some free tickets for a Utah gymnastics meet, so we took the kids for pizza at The Pie and joined everybody else in the Salt Lake Valley for some fun. Tess especially loved it, even though we were in the nosebleed section. 

 It came to my attention that my kids had never had no-bake cookies. That is just wrong. So we spent an afternoon making "gorilla poops." 

Oh man. The warmer the weather gets, the more the grill gets fired up. I like to begin cooking summer food as soon as it gets over 40 degrees outside. One Sunday I decided to try making my own onion rings to go with our burgers. Pretty tasty, but time consuming. Worth it. 


I had heard about this cool park in Ogden, so we decided to check it out one Sunday afternoon. It has some cool climbing stuff and really tall slides. The kids had a blast, and we got to see what downtown Ogden looks like... beautiful, as you can imagine.

I get in a running funk every once in a while wherein I question my sanity and just don't want to do it anymore. I have been wanting to try out trail running for a while, and I figured this was the perfect time to get off of the asphalt. I headed up to the Bonneville Shoreline trail and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I've been back a time or two.
It is nice to get out of a rut every once in a while,
even if it is super hard to run uphill after running on pancake flat roads for over a year...

My parents were nice enough to take us out to lunch for my birthday, and since we were in the area we all had to make a trip to Ikea. This is the worst idea with kids. Halfway through, we decided to trap Tess and Morgan in a cart with Netflix,
which made shopping much easier.

This has been the best spring ever. Lately it has been in the 60s and even 70s, and we are taking full advantage. The kids wanted to fly kites the other day, so we broke them out. Tess really likes to ride her fourwheeler down the sidewalk
and decided to take safety very seriously this time.

 Tess and I (well, mostly I) have been waiting patiently for Cinderella to come out. We went on a girls date to see it over the weekend along with every other little girl in Davis County and her mom. It was so cute! I think Tess was a little bored, but I though it was great and she got to eat popcorn and Reese's Pieces, so all was good.


Lisa's Birthday

All I ever want for my birthday is some good food and time with my favorite people. And some shopping without my favorite people doesn't hurt either.
And that's just what I got this year. 

I started the day bright and early with some work so I wouldn't have to do any later, then went on a warm and sunny trail run while the kids were in school. Chad came home early from work and sent me off to Station Park for some solo shopping. Afterwards, we headed to dinner at Parkstone where we ate fried deviled eggs, southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes and all the fixin's. Pretty dang good. I ordered myself a German chocolate cake from Harmon's, which we ate with salted caramel gelato.
Perhaps my best birthday combination ever. 

Overall it was a good start to the final year of my 20s. I don't want to talk about it.


Chad's Birthday

Poor Chad. He's getting so old! And he always has to work on his birthday. And his wife is not very fun. And he's kind of hard to shop for. But I hope he had fun anyways!

For the big day Chad requested Burger Bar. I am always game for that. Despite it being a little cold, which required us to cram into the back of our car to eat, we enjoyed the best ever burgers and fries. And I am not even exaggerating about that. The place is legit.

Afterwards, we sang Happy Birthday and Chad blew out the (*cough* 33) candles on his annual cheesecake. We love you, Chad!


Valentine's Day

 Holidays are more fun with little kids, and Valentine's Day is no exception. I am a sucker for dressing my kids in coordinating outfits, though Kade is not much for pink and red hearts. Tess, however, will let me put her in all pink and will even sport Valentine's Day hair for preschool: 

 Since the holiday fell on a Saturday this year, I decided to cook a fun little breakfast of pink, heart-shaped pancakes complete with heart-shaped strawberry slices. So festive! 

Chad and I had gone on a date the weekend before, fully knowing that it would be crazy busy on the actual big day. Instead of our regular dinner and a movie,
we stayed home and made a fancy dinner together. It was so much fun!
Plus, it was really good and probably better than anywhere we would have gone.
We made an arugula and parmesan salad, filet mignon with horseradish sauce, lemon garlic mashed potatoes, and balsamic glazed mushrooms and onions. Oh. My. Gosh. 

Chad LOVE creme brule, so I decided to try it once again (after failing a couple of years ago) and it actually worked this time! It was so rich, so creamy and so so good.
I will definitely be making it again. Probably soon.

 We were lucky because we even got to see Grandma Michele and Grandpa Doug earlier in the day. We tried to go look at some bald eagles with them at Farmington Bay, but didn't have any luck. So we went to lunch instead!


Life Lately

 It has been an eventful month, kind of. We haven't had a lot going on, but we have been on the move a lot. Does that even make sense? This has been the warmest February ever, so we have been playing outside pretty much all day every day. This is great for mom! Here's more of what we have been up to lately.

I just love bath pictures, and Tess loves playing with every single moldy bath toy that we own. I think it's time for some purging. This last weekend both kids came down with a little cold. It sucks for them, but I don't mind switching off time at home during church!

Kade really wanted to go to his school to play basketball like he does at recess every day, so we headed down to his playground.
Obviously it was a warm day, since he decided to play shirts and skins. 

What a fun age! Kade and his buddy, Spencer, made this sign to keep their little sisters out of the bedroom. It didn't work...

Kade just recently started reading like crazy! It's like something just clicked, because now he can pick up just about anything and read it. This is nice for me when Tess really wants me to read her a book, since I can just make Kade do it instead.
Good parenting, right there.

It was the Super Bowl earlier this month,
so we had to make snacky foods and eat until we burst.
Chad requested these ham and cheese sliders,
plus I made seven layer dip and fruit dip. We are a bunch of dips, after all.

Both kids love exploring our gigantic backyard, and one afternoon Kade found this little guy. I was in the kitchen working when he came in and told me he had a surprise. He opened up his hands and a frog jumped out. I screamed like a little girl, then had a good laugh while he caught the frog and took it outside.
He named him "Fast" and looks for him all the time now.

Kade finally got to try out the fishing pole that Santa brought him for Christmas at a pond in Syracuse. We didn't have much luck, but I imagine that he and Chad will be out there
a lot more in the spring.


Headin' to Laramie

Chad's youngest brother, Mark, and his wife, Kayla, live in Laramie, WY right now while Mark is attending law school. They welcomed new baby Cecilia in November, so we got to take a trip earlier this month for her baby blessing. Chad's parents and two of his siblings' families made the trek as well. It's about a 5 1/2 hour drive from our house, but it was worth it to see that cute baby
(and her parents, too)! 

We all stayed in the same hotel, so the kids were able to swim with the Sartori cousins and have a blast. We all went to dinner together Saturday night, and it was fun to visit and catch up.

I've got to say, my kids are the best little travelers. Thanks to a few movies, books, and a lot of "I Spy," we made it across Wyoming and back with just a few pit stops and very little crying.
Roadtrip masters!


January Happenings

 January, schmanuary. This month actually wasn't too bad.
It has been unseasonably warm,
and we got to get away to sunny St. George for a few days.
Here are some of the things that have happened so far in 2015:

Tess is in Primary! And I get to be her Sunbeams teacher! It is pretty fun, but also very crazy. There are quite a few kids, and they are still getting used to two hours of sitting still. Tess gets a little sad when I have to help another kid who is also sad,
but we are getting used to it.

I took Kade skiing for the first time! We headed up to Snow Basin right after school on a Friday (since he has early out). We got there just in time for the half-day lift tickets to go on sale. It's like $20 bucks for adult tickets if you stick on one lift,
and kids six and under are free. Sweet!

I never took lessons, so I was a little nervous to teach Kade, but he caught on pretty quick. We spent a lot of time falling down and getting back up, but that's what it's all about. By the time we had made it down the bunny hill (very slowly) about four times he was ready to go home. It was pretty successful, and he said he wants to go again

Tess started taking dance/tumbling lessons.
She was a little timid at first, but she has fun each week.
She especially likes dancing to "Shake it Off,"
and requests that we listen to it every time she comes home from lessons.

Chad had his annual city engineers' conference in St. George, so we tagged along again. While he was in meetings all day, the kids and I went "hiking" (aka wandering around) at Pioneer Park, played at the playground, did a little shopping, and enjoyed the blue skies. It wasn't very warm while we were down, but it was better than the inversion! 

The second term ended and Kade got really good grades, so we had to celebrate with froyo. His teacher said that he is great to have in class and is doing very well.
He has been reading a lot, and it is so exciting to see him figure things out!
He's a smart cookie, and we're pretty proud.