Life Lately

 Went to the Ogden Raptors game.

 Hiked to Waterfall Canyon
 Finally hung some stuff up on the walls in Tess' room.
 Went to baby Clara's blessing.
 Went to the drive in movie to see Minions.
 Rode ponies at the Davis County Fair
 Harvested (still harvesting) lots of tomatoes and zucchinis.
Went out for sno-cones.

 Hosted a back-to-school weenie cookout for Kade and his friends.
 Finally put up the slip 'n slide.
 Went to Park City, rode the Mountain Coaster and the Alpine Slide,
and lucked upon a car show.


Grandma's Week 2015

Grandma Ruth is a saint. Our kids were at her house for an entire week this year, which I think is the longest stretch for them ever. We love Grandma's Week, because the kids have a blast and we have a blast. Grandma may not, but she does it anyways!

Chad and I spent the beginning of the week hanging out, working, going to the temple, going on a hike (where I fell right on my butt) and enjoying a quiet few days without fighting, screaming and arguing. Somehow we still missed the turds!

Later in the week we headed down to Boulder for a hiking getaway. The first day of our trip was rainy, but we still hiked to Lower Calf Creek Falls, which was about six miles, and the Escalante Natural Bridge, about four miles. The rain kept everyone away, and we enjoyed seeing very few people. Chad braved the cool weather and swam to the base of the falls, but it was just too cold for me.

On Saturday, we hiked to the Zebra and Tunnel slot canyons (about seven miles). With all the rain the day before, there was waist-deep water in each canyon, but it made the weather so nice that we couldn't complain. We only saw two other groups of two on the whole hike. It is so isolated out there and I love it! After the hike, we checked out the Devil's Garden for a little bit, then made it back to Panguitch to pick up the kids.

The had so much fun sleeping out, going on Ranger rides, learning how to hula, catching bugs, searching for treasure and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa.


A Trip to the PNW

I got to go on a fun little trip with my mom to Camas, WA/Portland, OR this summer. Brian and Heather have been living up there for the past year
and set a date to be sealed in the Portland Temple, so I tagged along.
I felt bad leaving Chad home with the kids, but it was really fun! 

We flew into Portland on Friday morning, then spent the rest of the day with our generous hosts showing us/driving us around. We got Voodoo Donuts in Portland, stopped at the Tillamook cheese factory, drove along the Pacific Coast Highway, wandered around Cannon Beach, saw the Goonies house in Astoria, WA, then made it back to Camas for a gender reveal party for Brian and Heather.

It's a girl!! Another girl :)

Saturday was spent at the temple. My mom and I did initiatories before the session started, then did the session with Brian and Heather, and then watched their sealing. It was really nice, and they had lots of friends and ward members there to support them. Afterwards we all went to lunch/dinner, then Brian and Heather took us on pretty hike to Lake Lacamas. Everything was SO GREEN!
I kept thinking about how much the kids would have loved it.

We flew home on Sunday afternoon, but in the morning they drove us along the Columbia River to check out some giant sturgeon at a big fish hatchery. We were going to see Multnoma Falls, too, but it was packed, so we headed to lunch instead. 

I've decided that we need to head back up there soon. 
There are so many other things to see and do that we couldn't fit in!