Grandma’s Week

Every summer Chad’s mom takes each set of grandkids for a week, giving all of the parents a break and making fun memories in Panguitch. Chad and I get excited for this week and usually come up with a big list of things that we want to do while the kids are gone and this year was no exception. While the kids are at Grandma’s, they get to sleep out on the trampoline, ride on the Ranger, play in the tree house, and just have a good old time. It’s a pretty good deal for everyone involved, although six weeks of grandkid time is probably a little rough for Grandma Ruth!

Here is what we did while the kids were gone:

Took a trip to Ikea


Went to the gym and running together

Got a pedicure

Went to Lagoon and rode all the big rides


Went on a long, really steep hike that was awesome


Ate a fancy dinner at The Roof

Cried through “The Fault in Our Stars”

Slept in

Talked to each other without interruption

We missed the kids and were glad to have them back, but it was a really nice break.
It’s good to be reminded that we still like each other after all.


Land that I Love

Our Fourth of July was a combination of fun times and sad times. Chad’s Grandma Emoret passed away on June 26 and her funeral was held on July 3, so we were able to travel to Panguitch to spend a long weekend with family celebrating her life and the holiday.

Chad was really close to his grandma. He spent hours at her home each week helping her with chores and errands and he developed a close bond with her. She was 86 and had dealt with poor health for as long as I had known her. She spent the last year in a care center, really wanting to be at home. As a widow for over 30 years, Emoret was fiercely independent and quite the spitfire. I’m sure she is glad to be free from her aged body and finally reunited with her husband.



Chad was asked by his dad and aunt to speak at the funeral. He did a great job incorporating the funny stories about his grandma with the life lessons that she taught.
She has to be proud to see her posterity, including all 13 of these grandchildren!
(Minus one baby and another on the way for Mark and Kayla).


We had a fun and very low key weekend in Panguitch playing with cousins,
taking rides on the Ranger, and enjoying cool, rainy weather.


Kade and Zeke rode in the parade together on the 4th and we ate sno-cones, watched fireworks, and ate yummy food. The kids even got to swim at Little Dam one of the days. Apparently this was the cool place to play when Chad was a kid, so he was excited to show it off.


There was so much cousin fun that we were all worn out by the time we got home, but the kids would have stayed forever. In fact, I just dropped them off with Grandma Ruth for their annual Grandma’s Week trip, the lucky ducks. And lucky us!


Summer So Far

I think it is well understood by now that summer is by far my most favorite time of the year. We are certainly taking advantage of the warm weather and lazy days, despite our typical packed June schedule. Now that baseball and swimming lessons are over, I anticipate plenty of time to ride bikes, hike, and take advantage of our season passes to the Farmington pool that Chad scored.


Kade got another summer buzz, but this time it was a little bit shorter than expected… The mohawk didn’t last very long. It was a little too Taxi Driver for my liking. I also talked Chad into sleeping out with the kids. They set up the tent on our deck and watched the Sandlot before bed. And I got to sleep inside in my comfy bed.


Both kids were in swimming lessons for a couple of weeks. On the first day, Kade cried and Tess had a blast. On the remaining days, Kade had a blast and Tess cried. It was super fun….

We have been exploring the mountains up here and took a little hike up Ogden Canyon. We saw one rattlesnake, one garter snake, one blow snake, and a buttload of mosquitoes.
The scenery was beautiful, however!



For some reason we haven’t been in Springville over Art City Days for the past couple of years, so we made sure to visit this time. We hit up the children’s parade, art festival, carnival, parade, and fireworks for the full experience. My friends and their families also got together for a BBQ!


We have been doing more bike riding than ever this summer. I think because everywhere in Enoch required climbing a hill and my wimpy ten-speed couldn’t handle it with a trailer attached, we are excited for the flat trails that surround us. Kade can ride for miles and Tess loves hanging out in the trailer, so we get to get out and have fun together. I even went on a ride by myself the other night, just to get out of the house. It was a blast, even on my borrowed bike with solid tires!


Top of Zion Relay

Yet another relay. I keep agreeing to do these races, then regret my decision halfway through the things. After a day or so, I am ready to sign up again. It’s pretty twisted. In fact, I am all signed up for Red Rock Relay again in the fall… So smart.

I got to be a honorary Miles sister for this race. My sister-in-law, Char, put together a team with five of her sisters and some other girls. It was pretty fun and they were nice to put up with a random chick in their van.


Top of Zion starts in Torrey and ends near Zion National Park. I had three really hard legs that I was not prepared to run! I was doing awesome with my hill repeats and long runs until my IT band flared up again. I had to cut way back for about a month while I went to physical therapy in the hopes of getting it to feel better. I knew that all of my legs would be uphill and difficult, but I don’t think I realized just how hard they would be.

Leg 1 was 7.1 miles up Boulder Mountain with 1900 ft. of climbing. I was fine during the first mile or so, but my knee started hurting, I was sucking air due to elevation, and it was so darn steep! I did a lot of walking in order to finish the leg and it took me an hour and 20 minutes. Woof.IMG_9391IMG_9394

Leg 2 was only 6.2 miles and I started out fast, feeling awesome. The incline was pretty slight and I thought I would be fine. Thankfully, the KT taping I had on my knee made the pain go away, but the last three miles were brutal. Not super steep, but the gradual uphill about did me in! More walking and some serious stomach cramps made this leg miserable.

Leg 3 was 5 miles in the dark at 4 a.m. and was, once again, uphill on some dirt roads. I knew it would be rough, but was hoping to not have to walk. But… I walked! I was beat! Those late night/early morning runs are pretty fun, though, and I like being completely alone in the dark. I was really happy to be done running, even if my team was asleep in the van when I got to the exchange. Ha!


After we were all done running, we headed to the finish line and hung out for a few hours until our other van finished. It was a fun experience, but was also really hard. This relay is much more challenging than Red Rock. Almost all of the legs were steep and pretty tough. I’m glad I got to do it, though!




Life Lately

Spring has flown by and summer vacation is here!
As usual, we have been busy running from one thing to the next, with lots of fun in between.
Here is what we have been up to over the last month:


Kade stared coach pitch and we have spent a lot of time at the ball fields.
He is one of the youngest on his team, but is doing a pretty good job!


I had been training really hard for the Top of Zion relay that I am doing this next week, but ended up with a bum IT band once again… Several trips to the physical therapist seems to be helping,
but I have a feeling that I am in for a tough go at this upcoming race.


Lots of hikes and bike rides going on around here, thanks to awesome weather and tough kids!


Chad and Kade went to Fathers and Sons, so Tess and I enjoyed some girl time together!


We got a new car!! We have had the Lancer for 10 years and it was time for a replacement, so we got a Dodge Journey that has a working AC, along with some other awesome features like keyless entry that make us feel as though we finally belong in this century.
And we went on a ride on the Heber Creeper!


Kade graduated from preschool last week. It was a cute little program, but he was so
embarrassed to be wearing a cap and gown with everyone looking at him
that he spent most of the time in tears.
He loved Miss Lori and is super excited for Kindergarten!


Springtime Fun

Warmer weather has given us plenty of chances to get out and enjoy a real spring for the first time in many years! Who knew that the seasons didn’t go winter, wind, wind, wind, summer, fall? It’s pretty crazy.


~The Easter Bunny brought kites for the kids, so we had to try them out in our cowboy boots.~
~We have a beautiful flowering tree right outside our kitchen window
and it made the perfect backdrop for our dyed eggs.~


~We could not get the kids to sit still long enough for a decent Easter morning photo.~
~The Whatcott cousins had a fun little Easter egg hunt at Grandpa and Grandma’s house.~


~All dressed up in their Easter best.~
~And we colored a few eggs.~


~Tess picked this flower from the yard and brought it in for me. She’s pretty sweet sometimes.~
~Flowering trees at the park.~


~Our ward had a little fun run that we all ran or ride our bikes in.~
~Tess liked smelling the pink tree in our front yard.~


~Little brother Brian got married! We love his new wife, Heather.~
~Cut lilacs from our yard.~

If there is a theme for this post, I think it might be FLOWERS!