Saltair Half Marathon

Finally! After more than two years, I signed up for and finished a half marathon. Phew...now that it's out of my system I feel like I can move on with life. I didn't train much for this r;ace, which could be why I was actually able to do it. I only ran 10 miles twice in preparation, so I was feeling pretty nervous on race day.

The Saltair Half was an out and back course right along I-80, so the scenery was as beautiful as you can imagine. I felt really good during the first 11.5 miles, with minimal knee pain. The last mile and a half were brutal, and I was barely able to keep it under 9 minute miles, while I had been around 8:30 up to that point. My knee started hurting pretty bad, and I was just worn out, but I powered through and finished in 1:51. For a super flat course (literally only 32 feet of elevation change!), I am really pleased with that time. 

My hips froze up almost immediately after I finished, and I got to deal with "runner's gut" the rest of the day, but other than that it was a fun race. It started later in the morning (8:00), so Chad and the kids came with and were able to see me at the turn around and at the finish line. 



Both kids were super excited for Halloween this year. Kade had decided months ago that he wanted to be a zombie, and Tess was happy to re-use last year's costume and be a witch again. They both had fun parties at school,
bringing home lots of fun stories and treats.

Kade didn't have school on Halloween, so we got to go to dad's work to check out the hundreds of pumpkins carved by one of his coworkers. So awesome!

Kade really wanted to have a Halloween party at home, so we obliged and got dressed up, played games, and ate some pumpkin-shaped pizza
before heading out for trick or treating. 

Trick or treating in our neighborhood is intense! We only hit two streets and scored multiple full-sized candy bars, toys, bags of chips, and absolutely no dum-dums! The kids make quite the haul and had a great time.


October Randomness

Since I haven't posted forever, I feel like I am leaving out a bunch of random stuff that has gone on lately. I will try to catch up a little:

Kade lost his first tooth:

We went on a drive to see the fall leaves:

Chad took the kids to a Jazz game:

And...that's about it!


Family Photos 2014

We took our own family pictures again... one of these years I really need to just hire someone. But these are good enough for Christmas cards, and that's all I really need.


Capitol Reef

We wanted to do a little trip for Fall Break and decided that we would visit the one national park in Utah that we hadn't seen yet - Capitol Reef. I had been down in that area earlier this year for a race and was struck by how pretty it was,
so I really wanted to go back. 

Grandpa Doug and Grandma Michele came along, and we had a good time hiking, eating homemade pies in Fruita, swimming in the hotel pool, and checking out Goblin Valley on the way home.  The weather was just about perfect, and the crowds were minimal. Overall, it was a very successful "vacation!"