Life Lately

Horray for spring! We are enjoying the warmish weather, along with the many spring showers that are giving us green, green grass. We aren’t used to seeing anything green until May, so it is exciting to watch the lawns around us become lush and beautiful instead of staying brown and crunchy… Here is what we have been up to the last few weeks:



We like to explore on our Sunday afternoons, so we checked out the Farmington Bay Bird Refuge one warm day after church and naps. We saw lots of ducks, geese, and other birds.


Cousin Morgan celebrated her second birthday and invited us to her Yo Gabba Gabba party. So fun!


One sunny afternoon was spent at the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve. There is a bird watching  tower that looks otherworldly. Supposedly the grasses out there grow so tall that they make a tunnel around the boardwalk, so I think we will be making more trips.


We made a weekend trip to Panguitch and spent a lot of time playing with Grandma and Grandpa, even sneaking in a drive in the Ranger to Henrie’s for ice cream cones.

April is bound to be a crazy month with lots of wedding showers, an actual wedding, and Easter!


Kade’s First Race

Kade has been asking to run a race for the last little while, so when I signed up for a 10k this month, I put him down for the free kid run as well. I meant to have him do a little bit more running before hand so that he wouldn’t get tired and absolutely hate the experience, but I didn’t follow through very well. Luckily he runs around enough playing every day
that it didn’t seem to be a big deal.

The morning of the race was super windy and cold, so I worried that it would be too miserable for Chad and the kids to stick around. My race started earlier and was pretty fun, despite the wind. It was a pretty small little race and I finished in 50 minutes and placed 2nd in my age group and 7th overall. After my race was over, we hung around for a little bit until Tess was too ornery. Chad took her in the car to watch Kade and I run past during his race and then headed home.

Kade did such a great job! He ran the first 1/2 mile straight, and walked/ran the second half.
He didn’t complain once and was happy the whole time.
I think it was a good first experience for him and I hope he’ll want to race again!







One Year Older

…But probably not much wiser. I had a birthday this week. And, as usual, I celebrated all weekend long. That is normal, right? We started the party Friday night when Chad surprised me with a babysitter. Our first since moving here! (Besides my parents).
We went to a movie (Monuments Men) and I discovered that Cinemarks have kettle corn. Oh yes.


Chad helped Bryan work on his house Saturday, so I visited my parents for the day with the kiddos. I dragged my dad along to try out Art City Donuts. They were as good as the hype.
So tasty and Kade loved them, too!


Chad let me get a gym membership as a gift, so I went to BodyPump to kick off the big day. That class is no joke. I left the gym and drove right to Tasty’s for some blueberry and maple donuts (and sprinkles for the kids). I opened up a cute watch and subscription to Martha from the Chadster. Best husband.

Later that morning I dragged the kids with me to Tai Pan and then we met Chad for lunch at Kneaders. After Tess’ nap I look the kids to see the Lego Movie.
Cute show! Kade loved it, of course.

I made myself dinner – Ricotta Gnocchi. This stuff is so dang good and sooooo rich that it is definitely a once-a-year kind of meal. So worth it.
And we topped a full day of birthday eating off with a huge slice of ice cream cake from Coldstone.

It was a great day of food, family, and no work!
If it is any indication of what is to come during my 28th year, then it’s going to be a good one.


V-Day and a B-Day

Having Chad’s birthday come only four days after Valentine’s Day really messes me up, for some reason. I get thinking about what to do for him for one and forget about the other! But lucky for him, he usually gets to have a fun, long weekend and this year included a Monday off for President’s Day! Here is how we celebrated:


Dad brought home these balloons for the kids and they went nuts! Good thinking, Chad! I made a homemade heart-shaped pizza and we had a little family dinner, complete with Valentine’s Day paper plates. So festive. And we finished the night with some homemade Swig cookies. Uh, yum.


My parents offered to babysit for us while we went out for Chad’s birthday dinner/Valentine’s Day. We decided to try out Twigs, this cool restaurant at Station Park. It was dang good. Chad had a pork shank that was so tasty and I had butternut squash gnocchi – always a good choice.





Chad had to stay at work until late for City Council meeting on his actual birthday, so we celebrated on Monday instead. We were going to go to Lego Movie, but we aren’t smart enough to buy tickets ahead of time and all the showings were sold out. We went to Boondocks instead and rode on the slick track, then came home for a little grilling and some cheesecake.

It was a fun weekend!


Life Lately

It’s February! And the month is already almost halfway over! And this weekend is Valentine’s Day/President’s Day/Chad’s Birthday! Things to look forward to!
Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:


We took advantage of finally living close to my family and went to my parents’ house for the Super Bowl. The game was pretty dang boring, but the food was awesome, like always.
It was fun to visit and play with cousins.


We are all feeling the effects of a long winter inside together, which resulted in a disastrous Friday night. We had big plans to take the kids to the Boondocks, but Tess had a major dinner melt down. Chad ended up taking Kade to get ice cream, since he was just fine with dinner,
and Tess had to stay home with mom and take a bath.
Needless to say, we have been trying to come up with fun things to do on these cold days,
like painting.


February can be pretty. Chad brought home some “just because” flowers just because he is awesome. And my Saturday long runs are quite picturesque out by the lake.


I talked my friends into a Girls’ Night last weekend and we hit up dinner, shopping, and a waffle. Good times with these ladies.
We also had to take a trip to Harmons (aka the best grocery store ever)
and we ran into Bob Harmon, the owner.
He gave the kids a coupon for a free piece of fruit and they were pretty excited.


Sunny St. George

We got to tag along with Chad for another conference, this time down to St. George. Perfect timing, or what? We were all getting a little sick of the cold, so we were excited to enjoy a little bit of warm weather. Highs in the 60s? I think so!


Our first stop upon arrival was Swig, of course. Then we stopped two more times before we left.




After checking in to the hotel, we made a trip up to the Dixie rock to check out the town. We missed the sun set by about five minutes, but played around up there until dinner time.





While Chad was in meetings, the kids and I spent the morning hiking at Snow Canyon. We found a easy, short hike to a neat little canyon and then spent some time playing at the sand dunes.
Yes, I did pour out piles of sand from all of our shoes.


We spent the afternoon with cousins at the new children’s museum in St. George. Mason, Olivia, Miles, and the kids spent a couple of hours playing in all the different fun rooms.
Afterwards, we went to dinner together.

The rest of the trip was spent eating yummy food, visiting Grandma Ruth in Panguitch,
and doing lots of driving home. Can’t wait until the next conference!


Life Lately

It’s still January. I don’t think there’s anything else that I need to say. We’re just holding out for warm weather in, like, four months!


Chad got a bunch of free Jazz tickets from work, so we went to a game with my whole family. We were all the way up in the nosebleed section, but you can’t beat a free game where you can leave whenever you want and not feel bad about it!

Thanks to a sweet public job, Chad had MLK Day off, so we took a little trip to the Utah Museum of Natural History. The kids loved it, especially the dinosaurs.


There have been quite a few sunny (and a little bit smoggy) days, so we’ve taken advantage by going on some walks. The kids and I discovered a cool trail that goes right behind Lagoon. It’s super pretty and has some neat bridges that the kids thought were the cat’s pajamas.


I tend to do quite a bit of working while Kade is at preschool,
so Tess has taken to reading books to entertain herself. She’s just the cutest.



Dad is by far the favorite around these parts.
There’s always a lot of wrestling when he comes home from work.


And just one more of Tess’ sweet curls that she sported at church last week.
These are way too time consuming, but every once in a while they are worth the effort!