A Trip to the Zoo

I randomly decided last week to take the kids to the zoo after Kade got out of school. The weather lately has been amazing, and fall is supposed to be one of the best times to see the animals in action, so we went for it. 

We showed up around 1:00 and noticed TONS of school buses. I was a little worried, but once we got in to the zoo I realized that most of the school groups were leaving. By the time we were ready to leave a few hours later, the place was practically empty.
It was perfect.

We took our time wandering from one exhibit to the next and got to see lots of animals. They were feeding the elephants when we went by, and that was pretty cool to watch. My favorite animals were the sea lions, Kade liked the giraffes, and Tess liked everything, except the carousel. I made her ride since I had already bought tickets, but she was not happy about it and let everyone know until the thing started moving.
Then she was fine...crazy girl.


Powerhouse 10K

My dad invited Chad and me to run a 10K in Springville with him. Not being one to ever turn down a race, I was happy to join in on the fun! I think Chad was even a little excited. Like I have said a million times, he is a good sport!

The race was really wet and rainy starting about halfway, but it was a fun, fast course that went right by my parents' house. My mom even got to sit in the car with my kids to wave at us as we went past!

The three of us all did pretty awesome, if I might say so myself. Here are the numbers:

Chad - 44:07, 9th overall, 2nd age group
Lisa - 47:04, 16th overall, 1st age group
Pops - 51:10, 26th overall, 1st age group

Pretty dang good, considering it was a first 10K for both Chad and my dad, and I had taken a week or so off, thanks to knee pain leftover from Red Rock. I will be back next year for this one. It was great!  

 This picture cracks me up...Chad is so happy and Douglas is so ... happy?


Fall Soccer 2014

We decided to put both kids in soccer this year to see if they like it. Both were very excited to play, and we were almost excited to watch games two nights a week for six weeks... But with no Saturday games, it really wasn't too bad.

Kade was on a team with five other boys. This was only his second time playing soccer, but I think many of these kids had played for a year or two. After only a couple games, they were pretty good at passing and not just bunching up around the ball. Kade was fun to watch and tried so hard! He did say that he was happy when the season was over and that baseball is more fun,
so Uncle Brian should be happy about that. 

Tess was on a team with four other girls, and it was the first year for everyone. These games were very entertaining and included quite a bit of crying from some of the players. Tess was pretty stubborn and would play for a while, then sit down, pouting and with folded arms, at the end of the field and refuse to get up. So that was fun. Her coach was really nice and could get Tess to play by holding her hand and dragging her around the field. 

I'm not sure either of my kids will be stellar soccer players, but at least they got some exercise and made new friends! We will try again next year.



Ever since we moved to Davis County, both kids get really excited when we drive past Lagoon. Tess would tell me all about the roller coasters she wanted to go on and Kade would talk my ear off about how brave he would be if we went there. We finally gave in and went last weekend. 

Frightmares just started, so we got to do some of the fun Halloween stuff in addition to all of the little kiddie rides. Despite all of her big talk, Tess did not want to ride on much. We got her on some car rides and the carrousel and forced her onto a little roller coaster and the log ride, but she was pretty mad about it. On the other hand, Kade was super tough and would have gone on just about anything.

Fall was a good time to go, since it wasn't nearly as hot nor as busy as a regular summer day. I guess we can go again next year.


Red Rock Relay 2014

Another relay came upon me quickly, and I have to admit that I was not feeling super excited. I wanted to hang out with my friends, but I didn't really want to run and go without sleep, especially because I know how crappy I feel during these races. But alas, I had agreed to do Red Rock again and had even recruited Heather to join me.

There was some big flooding in Nevada the week prior to the race that resulted in I-15 being shut down. Unfortunately this meant that all traffic was diverted onto the highways between Vegas and Cedar City. Much of the relay goes on these highways, so UDOT revoked the race's permits. Instead of cancelling the whole thing, the organizers decided to run the first third of the race. The 12 legs between Brian Head and Cedar City would be run by each van. Basically our team of 12 became two teams of 6. While I was a little disappointed because there is nothing quite like the overnight relay experience, I was also relieved to get out of middle of the night runs and feeling like death.

Our van ran the 60 miles in about 11 hours. I decided to run the first leg with Heather, as well as my own two other legs, totally just over 13 miles for the day. I still felt pretty crappy by the end, but not as bad as normal! The weather was perfect, the leaves were changing, I got to spend the day with some of my favorite people, and I made it home on Saturday afternoon to spend the rest of the weekend with my little family. Can't beat that!


Uintas Camping Trip 2014

For some reason we have put off our annual camping trip until after Labor Day the past two years, but it has worked out so well both times. It is not nearly as busy or hot and we have been able to stay in some beautiful places.

This year we decided to head up to the Uintas. Chad had never been to this part of Utah, and I had only been there once when I was 14 for my fourth-year Girls Camp overnighter. After discussing some options with people at work, Chad decided that Washington Lake would be our best bet. And he was right!

We left home Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday morning. While there we hiked around the lake, fished, played cards, rested in the hammocks, and ate a lot of treats. The kids even made friends with some other kids in the spot next to us. We did get a little bit of rain, and it was pretty cold at night, but we had a good time!