Independence Day 2015

The Fourth of July is always such a fun holiday, and this year was no exception. Since the big day was on Saturday, Chad had Friday off, giving us an extra day to play! 

We spent Friday at Causey Reservoir, floating around in our tubes. 
This little lake doesn't allow motorized boats, 
so it was perfect for playing on the shore and enjoying the hot sun.

That night we lit up a few fireworks. Tess didn't love them, 
but we couldn't keep Kade away. He is a little pyro!

On the Fourth we headed out to breakfast and then hit up the Layton parade. It was SO HOT. And long. And crowded. So we didn't last very long. I have decided that we do not need to go these stupid parades anymore, unless I know that they're not going to suck. The kids don't even care...

My parents came up for the afternoon and we had a tasty BBQ lunch. 
We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and relaxing.

We decided not to brave the crowds to watch Layon's fireworks, so we drove up the mountain to find a good spot to watch. We found a good one where we could see everyone in the valley shooting off their own firework shows, 
as well as many of the cities. Pretty cool!


Life Lately

June! I'm so sad that it is over. It's one of the best months, despite it always being busy with lots of activities. We started out with swimming lessons, trying to get them over with so we could have fun at the pool the rest of the summer. Last year was a bust, especially with Tess, but this year was much better. Both kids did a great job and really excelled in their classes. Kade is a little fish and swims everywhere, and Tess is getting there, too! 

 We also celebrated Father's Day with our favorite guy. He really is the best. 
These kids are hopelessly devoted to Chad, and who can blame them?

There has been a lot of hanging out, playing at the park and just enjoying summer time. We discovered Layton's free summer concert series on Sunday nights, 
so we've hit that up a couple of times, too. 

There are tons of places in Davis County that I've been wanting to try out, so I've made it a goal to meet up with Chad for lunch once a week to try somewhere new. 
I'd say we've done pretty well so far.

 I've also made a goal to take the kids hiking once a week. Well, we went two weeks in a row, so we had a good streak going there... We'll see how we do over the rest of the summer. Our first hike was just on the Kayscreek Trail that is right by our house. The second was was Adams Canyon, which is also right by our house. We're pretty spoiled.


Balloon Fest Weekend

For the first time in several years, all six Boshell siblings were in town for the Panguich Valley Balloon Rally. That equals 31 people in one house, and 15 of those are kids. Holy cow! It was loud and crazy, but it was really fun. We had a great time! 

We got up early Saturday morning to check out the balloon launch. So pretty!

There were plenty of rides on Grandpa Evan's Ranger, lots of cousin time, and lots of sun. 

 We finished off the weekend with a big family photo shoot and the traditional balloon glow on Main Street.



Fathers and Sons 2015

 The best weekend of the year, according to Kade! Fathers and Sons took place this month, and this kid couldn't have been happier. They went to a campground up Logan Canyon. From what I hear, Kade pretty much played with his new friends from the ward the entire time.
 While the boys were gone Tess and I headed to Springville to hangout with my parents and take in some Art City Days fun. Tess and Morgan enjoyed the parade and gathered a bunch of candy!


Life Lately

There has been a lot going on over the last month! We seem to be running from one thing to the next, but hopefully things will slow down a little now that school is out. 

Mother's Day:

 Yard work:

Meeting new niece Clara Ruth:
Fishing at our local pond:

Trip to Bryce Canyon and Grandma's House:

 Lemonade stand:

Riding trikes naked:
 Field Day:
Cousin Sleepover:


Kindergarten Graduation

He did it! Kade finished Kindergarten! We got to go to a cute little program that he absolutely hated. He didn't want to wear the hat and he didn't want "strangers looking at him." The kids sang a song, the teachers read the kids names and gave them a "diploma," and then we all got to eat cookies and punch. His choice for lunch after was Wendy's!

Kade has done great this year and learned a ton! He is reading like crazy, even finishing some chapter books. Time for first grade! (But summer first :)