Cedar Express, AGAIN!

My Enoch friends were nice enough to invite Chad and me back for the Cedar Express Relay for a rematch between Kiss My Fast and the Half Fast Husbands. We dropped the kids off at my parents and headed down for a fun little weekend getaway with lots of running, laughing, and good times.

Those boys wanted to win, but the girls were able to hold them off by less than one minute! It was a close one! We had a fast team this year and were able to finally take first place in the women’s division. Woohoo!


Me, Teresa, Rebecca, Wendy, and Tawna at the starting line.






We tried going to play at the beach at Pineview Reservoir over Memorial Day weekend, but it was so busy that it wasn’t even enjoyable. We decided that we would try again on a weekday, and we would rent a stand up paddleboard to try out. Chad took off a little early from work one Friday and we headed up. The beach was almost empty, so we got to enjoy swimming, sandcastles, and paddleboarding all around without anyone in our way!


Life Lately

Phew! This summer has been a whirlwind! With only a week and a half until school starts, things should be winding down, but they’re not. Soccer starts this week, and every weekend seems to be filled with events through the end of September. That is about how the rest of our summer has gone, and we have loved it! Here are some of the things we have been doing over the last month or so.



My parents took our family and Craig and Amber’s family boating at Deer Creek. Kade and I had a blast on the tube, even when we made it sink and broke the rope! Tess wanted nothing to do with the water, since she only wanted to sit on her dad’s lap…


Kade had his first taste of ribs on Pioneer Day, and I believe he liked them! And we had to try out the goggles in the tub.


We celebrated Tess’ third birthday with sprinkle pancakes for breakfast, a trip to lunch at McDonalds, dinner with Grandpa Doug and Grandma Michele, pink cake, and a new play kitchen. She was in heaven.



Mark and Kayla came for a visit from Laramie, so we took them on a train ride at this cool little park/museum in Farmington. We have also been enjoying the hot weather at the splash pad and running through the sprinklers. Chad and I celebrated our 8th anniversary with a trip to the Cheesecake Factory. Long live summer!


Having Fun at Grandma’s Week

The kids had a blast at Grandma’s Week, and she documented most of it and sent the pictures to us! It is fun to see what they were up to all week.